oldboro1Boro means “rag” in Japanese: endlessly mended and patched futon covers, kimonos, work garments, and other utilitarian household textiles created and used by Japanese farmers between 1850 and 1950, and stitched using mostly leftover, indigo-dyed cotton pieces.

The work is exquisite in its irregular and intimate quality–and its simple, modest aesthetic.

The modernboro collection brings the spirit of boro to the remnants of today, rescuing the humble and frayed (rags) to become useful and beautiful (riches). The collection encompasses textiles, painting, fashion, paper, sculpture, mixed media and photography.

boro boro :: the celebration of beauty in something frayed, decaying or repaired
modernboro :: celebrating the spirit of boro in today’s remnants

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Calling for artists and designers
The modernboro collection is just beginning and there are plans in the making for an exhibition in the San Francisco Bay Area. Do you want to be a part of this handpicked collection of contemporary, ragged, tattered, patched and rescued pieces? Contact modernboro.

Who’s behind modernboro? The person behind the name.